Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live Interviews:

“The show is basically about learning what’s important in life, in terms of how to be a leader and how to be kind to other people, and how to accept people with differences.”

Sioux City Journal Interview

“Playing the title role in ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: King for a Day’ has given actress Nora Moutrane a big head. Literally.” 😉

Tulsa World Interview

Bright Star Touring Theatre Interview:

“For Tuesday’s performance, the actors presented “Professor Parsnip’s Lab of Healthy Living,” which had a science theme but focused on making good choices, not only with nutrition, but how the kids interact with each other as well.”

Kentucky Standard Interview

Dog Sees God

“Nora Moutrane (Marcy) does a great job being the sidekick to Trevett’s character and brings a new side and funny banter to the role. Moutrane also has a multitude of past theater credits in her repertoire.”

– Kelli Kardell,

Guys and Dolls

“The Hot Box Dancers (Erin Johnson, Nora Moutrane, Amanda Szymczak, Sarah Winchester) gave us a little MGM, a little vaudeville, and a whole lot of fun from their two specialty numbers.”

– Bob Greene,

“Notables include … and four Hot Box girls (Amanda Szymczak, Sarah Winchester, Erin Johnson, Nora Moutrane) whose flair for comedy turned two filler numbers into prime moments.”

– Amy M. Frateo,

“The dancing of Jeff Van Damme, Nora Moutrane, Timothy Ng and the rest of the Crap Shooters and Hot Box girls was solid and provided the extra level of entertainment any strong theatrical performance is expected to provide.”

– Patrick Hickey Jr,