Big News!

Hi everyone! I am happy to announce that I have just become SAG-Eligible! Excited to embark on the next chapter of my journey in the arts! Much Love, Nora

“Lead Me Not Into Temptation”

Hi there! I recently worked on a short film dealing with the issue of date rape in America. I played one of the flirty girls in the club who tries to seduce the bad boy away from our lead. Here are a couple of stills from the shoot. Enjoy! Much Love, Nora

New Film Reel!

I finally got some footage from ZC3 and updated my film reel for you all! So exciting! Click on this post to check out the video! Much Love, Nora PS my hair is naturally curly, but it looks great straight too! SO VERSATILE! 😉

The Last Zombie Chronicles Shoot

We had our last Zombie Chronicles shoot this past weekend, which was bittersweet. It’s be a long and wonderful journey with a great group of people. I have grown so much from this process, and I am sincerely grateful to have such a warm and creative environment to do so. Here are some fun screen […]

Napoleon Dynamite Adaptation

Hey there! I meant to put this up a while ago, but never got around to it.  Below is another student film adaptation I worked on in May, with some great people.  The actors were all fun professionals and the director was completely open to actor interpretations, which is always the best.  She was a […]

A Sneak Peek at Zombie Chronicles: The Case Files

Hi everyone! Exciting news – a rough cut of one of the scenes from Zombie Chronicles is now online! It’s a very intense scene between me and my on-screen boyfriend, in the midst of zombie chaos. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Enjoy: Much Love, Nora

“Zombie Chronicles: The Case Files”

I have officially been cast in my first independent horror film!  The film is the third of a series of horror films called Zombie Chronicles, directed by Marvin Suarez.  I am so psyched for this new project.  This is so many firsts for me: my first horror film, my first experience with special effects make […]

The Breakfast Club Does Sitcom

I recently acted in an NYU project based on “The Breakfast Club,” the popular 80’s movie about high school kids in detention (in case you didn’t know about the film).    It was a great experience: the cast was down to earth and so were the director and her assistants.  The interesting thing was the project […]

Dead Man Working

A couple of weeks ago, I cam across an audition post for small bit parts for a independent docu-comedy about zombies.  Lately, anything about zombies has really interested me, so I decided to submit to the director.  Pretty soon afterward,  I got an email back from Luis (the director) saying he’d like me to play […]

Calico Morning Cast Photo

Here’s a photo of the cast from the film shoot for “Calico Morning.”  I love the smiles in this picture!