The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Parlour

Hey all! I’m off to my next contract already! I’ll be singing show tunes and scooping ice cream for the summer in Seaside Heights, NJ, at The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Parlour. I’ll be there until mid-September. Come down to the shore for some beaching, desserts, and entertainment from some top notch performers. Don’t […]

Exploring Aerial

Hey there friends! These past few months, I’ve been really busy exploring one of my new favorite hobbies – aerial! I’ve been taking classes at Body and Pole, Aerial Arts NYC, and Studio Anya, to strengthen my upper body and core and playing around with hammock and silk fabrics. It’s been a very empowering journey […]

Table of Silence – 9/11 Site-Specific Dance Piece

Hi everyone! Last month, I performed in a September 11th memorial at Lincoln Center with 100 other very talented dancers. The artistic director of Buglisi Dance Theater, a modern company rooted in Graham technique basics, developed the piece with the help of some company members. The performance was a prayer for peace, asking the world […]

It’s Finally Here! Xelle’s Music Video “Sweat”

It’s finally here folks! Excited to share with you an amazing music video I danced in celebrating curvy girl confidence- “Sweat” from the pop group XELLE. Enjoy!

Cherry Blossom Photoshoot At Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Hi All! I’ve been meaning to share some photos from the cherry blossom photo shoot I did back in March 2013 at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. That place is absolutely magical, especially when all the trees are in bloom, with their beautiful pink flowers. So happy to be surrounded by the fresh smell of nature! Enjoy! […]

Come on along and listen to….

Hi everyone, We finally opened 42nd Street! Opening night excitement was at the highest I’ve ever experienced. We had a very long rehearsal process, and us chorus kids were ready to sing and dance! I believe our director was right when he said all that time and work would pay off. The choreography in the […]

The Fork Story and Some Closure on NLP

I’ve been meaning to get to this post for quite some time.  Truth is it’s been a lot of New York “back to basics” life (getting a day job, getting another show, auditions, class, family and friend time, the list goes on) getting in my way, and a little bit of procrastination.  The Northern Lights Playhouse experience […]

Inspirational Words

A good friend of mine send me this link, and I felt I had to share it immediately. It is a commencement speech for the USC School of Theatre, written by famous playwright Jose Rivera. It not only is beautifully worded, very motivational, and speaks right to “actor truths” (for lack of a better term), […]

Living the Dream!

I have yet to mention on my blog one of the coolest, most satisfying experiences I’ve ever had, thanks to Northern Lights Playhouse. A couple of days ago, I got my second check from the theater. I still haven’t gotten over the glow I get from getting paid to do theater. Getting a pay check […]

New Headshots!

So I just got some new headshots with my curly hair done last week!  I’ve been using a straight haired one for the past year, but I wanted to get a good curly one in there.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my straight haired photo – it has so much sass! 🙂  But sometimes, […]